The American Legion Riders
Here It Is 2015 – Time to ROMP Again

ROMP, 2015    BamaSouthernRomp Flyer

Now we all know that we could ROMP without any (FILE PHOTO) Authorities Release 9-11 Emergency Tapesreason at all, but hell we have the best reason there is. Supporting The American Legion LegacyMama and Little Girl Scholarship Fund.

Sure, we have already raised a handsome pile of dollars in recent years to help fund secondary educations for children of our Brothers and Sisters who have paid the ultimate sacrifice since 9/11. Think about it for a moment, what sacrifices have you endured since 9/11 that measures up to that standard????

Let’s get off of our rear ends and have a banner year for the Legacy Scholarship Fund this year!!

It is the least we can do, and what the hell – we’ll have fun while we are doing it!! If you can beat that, I want a piece of the action…